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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Is this going to be reloaded with powerful post?

Btw, I am just wondering, what do you people think about the condition of our church? Is it good? Is it flourishing?

Don't burn me for my opinion, but I think we need earnest prayers for the church. It needs a lot of progress. So please folks, those who read this, pray for the church. It's important. We don't come to church for friends right? We come to church for fellowship! If the church don't work well, how to fellowship hmm?

Prayer pointers we could pray for are....okay I didn't go for their prayer meeting, but this is based on feedback. Pray for unity in the church, that God will break the walls between the congregations. One church means all congregations together yeah? Pray that we all(the whole church) pray more, and focus more on Jesus. Pray for faith within the church. Pray that we will be like a family.

I'm totally bad at this. So if you don't like it, do up a post yourself, and pass to the admin folks(nick, myself, pete, swi, apanda???,lois). come come pray pray!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

He is back! D. R. Pete! Back in da house. Check it. Yo. One time. Uh. That's right. Check it. Uh. Two time. That's right.

After retrieving my login name and passoword from Nicky boy yet again, I am back! And this time, he's coming in with a hurricane. He's wearing big shoes, to kick big butts. Baizhenji.blogpot.com will never be the same again. Say it with me, and say it like you MEAN it brothers and sisters, we're baizhenji adimango le manifique *click*. Uh, check it.

Oh it's been a long time. And swi... no we're not dead. Do i look dead to you? No man! I'm healthy! Look at me! I sleep 5 hours a day! I drink 3 cups of coffee before noon, I eat junk all day, and i pee only when i need to. Tell me: is that healthy living or what?

Anyways, this is not gonna be no ghost town no more, dig? When am i so black now? STOP. Ok, this shall no longer be a website for ghosts. SO on to the show:

First: Peter Tam has agreed to sign on Nicky boy to be his co-editor for his scripts, coz nicky, you the man. You fulla dung and i like it. We all like it. We all like your dung. You got good dung. And when we mix our dung together, we gonna produce good dung, dig? Dig. Now show me some love. *smack* Word.

Second: I think it was the second day of the camp. I got a call. The very gong voice on the other side said, "Hello, can i speak to Reverend Peter Poon please?"

I was faced with a dilemma: Should i just say, yes im Peter Poon, i'll speak at your camp, just tell me when and where and how much. Den i won't turn up. Or should i say, Peter Poon? What Peter Poon! Daiyan, I'm Peter Tam for crying out loud!!!

I chose the latter. Spread the word.

Third: Daiyan, a.k.a., Yan-titude, has now been renamed Zheng My Car. Spread the word.

Forth: Our dearly beloved kate shall leave for NZ come Wednesday, 28th December 2005. She will be sorely missed by friends in the youth, so come for one last time to see her off tommorow. Terminal 1. We'll be meeting her at 6.15 pm to eat and fellowship. Do come. Kate is best remembered ____(Fill in the blanks)____ .... sigh, aint she great? Hey, this is sounding like an obituary. She's still with us! Always will! Email her! MSN her! Tag her! SHE'S STILL HERE!!!

Fifth: 31st is coming. 2006 is fast appraoching. But before we think about that, let's spend some quiet moments reflecting on the year that was 2005. Think about our lessons learnt, emotions felt, experiences, and God's will in your life. For those still serving, think about the experiences. They are good. Think about how you will learn from them to be a better servant next year. For those stepping down, it is still good experience for whatever God brings you in future.

Someone told me recently, someone you all know well... He said something great is going to happen, i can feel it. And i believe in that. Brothers and sisters, what do you want to do for God this year?

Sixth: To end off, i want to say to all: Thank you. I've seen how you all work to keep the YF in one piece, to keep the devil at bay, to please God. It is great to see young ones stepping up, older ones helping out. I see prayers praying, helpers helping, leaders leading, and God's children being God's children. Thank you.

See, in case anyone is wondering why this news seems familiar, well, yes... it's old news... Thing is my blog homepage is in chinese... for some reason... so instead of publishing it, i saved it as draft. So there. Whoo, exciting...

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Monday, August 15, 2005


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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Stress. It's the feeling of sitting on your butt for too long and the need to move it. It's when you've held your breathe for too long. It's when someone grabs your crotch and just won't let go... and it's a guy... a bad-looking one at that... and he's looking at you like your a puppy dog.

My question is: Is stress important? Is it neccessary? Do we need it? Is neccessary spelled with so many Cs and Ss? Stress...

I'm a student. I have to study. It's my job apparently. But most of the time, i don't. And then projects come. Monday, my project mates say hand in your part of the report on Friday. On Thursday, they call to remind. I say sure, don't worry about it. I rush home to do it. Stress.

Exams coming. I need to study for it. I attended about 7 of 15 lectures. My soul was in the room 2 out of these 7. Paper is tommorow. I've studied for the past 3 days. Averaging a total of 2 hours each. Paper is tommorow. Stress.

So we still haven't answered the question: Is stress good for us?

My take is that stress needs to be present strategically. Like say, for me, 3 minutes before i die. At the time, i'll suddenly remember the will. I'll reach out for my money-sucking son-in-law by the collar and tell him to get it. I croak move your butt or i'll strike off the million i promised you. Then i'll take it and strike off the million anyway. There stress is gone. And i die.

Stress is something to be conquered. It's illogical if you don't want to do something about it. Say that guy is still grabbing your crotch and looking at you... DO SOMETHING! Unless of course, you are... erm...

Yes. Do something. Don't let it eat you up. You know you don't taste nice. Have a sore throat? Remove it. Can't sleep? Slam your head in the wall. Guy still grabbing your crotch? Pound him. Now, that's a stress reliever.

And got a paper tommorow and you got to relax? Blog about it!

pete the great found himself/herself@ 10:18 PM

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I do realise that June is going to be over. Perhaps an outing next weekend? 'Cause I'm busy amusing myself with the plethora of maths formulae that I have to memorise by tomorrow. And amanda. And jonathan. And hazel. Hahahahahaha. So we shall go out after blocks, k?

Anywaaaaay, there are sooooo many good movies to watch. Shall we watch War of the Worlds? Pretty pretty please? =))

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


NiCK!! found himself/herself@ 8:35 PM

What do you do?
When you have nothing to do?
Stuck in class,
A pain in the a55.
Waiting and waiting,
For my friend to be finishing.
His damn project,
I can't object.
The chairs are all taken,
My welfare forsaken.
I sit then on hard disk,
Which is quite a great risk.

Help me, help me!
Tis no place to be!
To be subject to such horror,
Like dead bodies in a drawer!
I sigh and I sigh,
With bored breath of my.
To will an explosion near,
And send some panicky cheer.

Then with eyes closed,
I willed for time flowed;
To cease it's tardiness,
To speed with readiness.
I start to dream,
To form my own realm.
My ponderings began,
Of things in future gain.

That my passion is for stories,
For therein mine release.
A place of personal solace,
Imaginations like forests.
Ah, these dreams are sure attainable,
If I will strive unshakable.
But long I've dwelled in stagnancy,
Hence far my dreams from pregnancy.

For much has time been wasted!
Much hope is yet be tasted!
Carpe diem, or so they say,
To find a way, to seize the day!
My advice is to all,
Who'd listen and not ignore,
Is to take each day by it's hand,
And take each chance that is sent!

Then I awake, to realities present.
To face the has, and all the hasn't.
My friend's not done, such usual fashion.
And as I wait, I ask this question.

What do you do?
When you have nothing to do?

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Monday, June 27, 2005

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